Le Sauvage, Estate in the Camargue

The Estate is rising from its ashes to offer a stunning, elegant and harmonious scene. Sheltered from view in the heart of unspoiled nature, the Camargue of yesteryear reappears on a totally exceptional site.

A natural park of 2,000 hectares where the Petit-Rhône and the Mediterranean meet, demonstrating an impressive diversity in flora and birdlife.

Farms of bulls, horses and mares that graze on the estate. Kilometers of seaside, pine forests, marshes, paths and idiosyncratic places. Le Sauvage, the setting of our memories, finally opens itself up to you.

You can get lost on horseback, or bask on the beach far from everything, for one hour or several days; between fiesta and sweetness of life, there floats on this precious land an air of another time.