Residential seminars

Perhaps you are looking for a place to put an end to internal conflicts, to accept changes and compromises, to identify signs of disagreement or to put in place an active force. Our bold and experienced team will help spread the word in this unique place.

Meeting rooms, places to eat and relax, even accommodation; waste no more time in unnecessary trips. Take advantage of working time and recharge your employees’ batteries.

Moreover, what better setting than one in the heart of nature? The tranquility of the place invites concentration; our fully equipped rooms will welcome your participants with all the necessary equipment.

Salle  m2 Réunion

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« Conférence »

240 200 pers. 60 pers. 100 pers. 200 pers. 100 pers. 200 pers.

« Mireille »

300 300 pers. 500 pers.

« Cheminée »

140 80 pers. 100 pers.

« La Laupio »

120 120 pers. 150 pers.